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Ann Marie Rios stuffing a big pink dildo in her pink pussy.  Take a look at the look on her face.   She clearly is getting off.  The other clue that she is about to climax is her little nipples are hard in this picture.  Sure it could cold out but based on her expression my guess is that she is really about to hit that high note. I’ll be honest here with my cometary.  What interests me the most is that it looks like she has a pretty tight pussy.  That normally shouldn’t be that interesting but this is a pornstar who has been making porn movies for a few years and she has banged some of the best studs in the business.  Guys who have big cocks maybe over 100 different big cock studs in that pussy.  And it still looks as tight as a virgin.

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Ann Marie Rios is not known as a big butt porn star but as you can tell from this picture she has a beautifully shaped ass. It’s big and curvy and adds to her sexy appearance. When we use the word big we are not implying this she is chubby. Just that she has a curvy figure. She probably isn’t the kind of girl that gets chased by big ass lovers but for the average guy she has a perfect big butt.

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Not blog for fans of Ann Marie Rios would be completed without a great messy facial picture. She is after all a porn star and that’s what porn stars do. And it sure looks like she enjoys doing it. Maybe it was more fun because she was doing this facial video for her own website so it’s wasn’t like she was working. Maybe she was able to pick which guy she wanted to suck off. It’s her website so she can work with who ever she wants too. Or maybe getting a facial is her favorite thing. I’m guessing it could be all the above and that she just loves having sex.

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My personal favorite is the sexy glamor pictures. Sometimes we get so caught up with porn that we forget just how beautiful these porn stars are. They look get having sex but they also look stunning in a bikini. But the good thing about a porn star compared to a bikini model is you get topless photos of them when they do the bikini photo shots. Makes you wonder why you don’t see girls like this when you go to the beach? The answer is probably because they all live in Los Angeles the porno capital of the world.

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Not one but two hot girls together looking sexy in tiny lingerie. Of course Anne Marie looks outstanding in a g string. Her perfect curvy little ass just glistens in the light. What would be cool is if her sexy blonde female friend would spank that ass a little. Not hard just playfully. Gotta love girls who are okay with doing lesbian porn especially two gorgeous girls like we have here. Touching every beautiful curve of their body. Will a girls touch be erotic enough to get them to quiver? Can they get as turned on from a female as a man. We say yes of course these two could do that no problem.

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